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Federal Programs Info

Overview: The Federal Programs Office is responsible for sound financial planning and management of public and non-public school federal funds.  We interface with departments to assist with the preparation and management of Title I, Title II, Title III, IV, CARES Act, and Perkins improvement plans, budgets, hiring, requisitions for allowable expenditures, and exercising proper financial controls. The office ensures compliance with federal statutes and regulations, state laws, DESE rules and regulations, KIPP Kansas City's policies and procedures, and relevant contractual obligations.

What is Title I?

Title I – Improving Basic Programs

The Title I program is designed to help children meet high academic standards by participating in School wide assistance programs. School-based decision-making, professional development, and parent involvement are important components of the Title I program. 

School wide Assistance Programs use Title I funds to upgrade the entire educational program of the school. Title I funds can be used to serve all children in a school wide program.

Schoolwide Plan: Parent View

All Building Schoolwide Compliance Plans can be accessed online.

Parents are able to access school plans by clicking HERE and following the below instructions

Click on the link above. Follow the attached instructions: 

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