As KIPP and schools across the nation transition into the 2020-2021 school year, many unknowns remain that present teachers, students and families uncertainty.   However, we all know our community  needs KIPP to be ready to reopen whether that is in-person or from a distance.  This is a moment when each of us will  unite with one another to ensure that students re-enter schools with safety as a top priority so that learning and social-emotional growth can continue.  


Since closure back in March 2020, we have done a great deal of reflecting and planning at KIPP.  This time has served as a great reminder of the role that schools play in ensuring an equitable education for all students. It has also been a great reminder that families and educators must work together in partnership for students to find and live their purpose.  Reopening our schools is going to involve significant changes for all of us. Some of those challenges are unknown to us even as we put forward a plan in this document.  We also must understand there will be circumstances that are less than ideal, for which grace will be necessary to do what is in the best interest of our students, staff, and community. 


Although we must make sacrifices to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we are even more committed to living our mission no matter the circumstances.   As we prepare to open our schools again, we plan to offer our families the option to choose from a traditional 100% in-person teaching-and-learning model OR a 100% virtual/remote education platform. If there is an escalation of incidents of COVID-19 transmission, we will transition to 100% virtual instruction. More information about these decisions and the considerations influencing them can be found in this guide. KIPP is looking forward to working in collaboration with families and the community as our school continues through the 2020-2021 academic year.

New Gating Criteria Proposal

The gating criteria we will use to determine if this path is safe is the MARC School Gating Criteria for Kansas City.  MARC is the only local agency that is recommending specific gating criteria for schools.  It is in line with recommendations from the CDC, Harvard and American Pediatric Association.






Dates to Return by Grade Level Spans for Teachers and Students

Under this proposal any student and family that selected in-person instruction would start back in accordance with the chart below. 

Primary Criteria

# of new cases per 100,000 persons within the last 14 days

Trend in new cases per 100,000 persons over the last 14 days

Ability of School to implement 5 key mitigation numbers:

     -Consistent and correct use of  


    -Social distancing to the largest

      extent possible

    -Hand hygiene and respiratory


    -Cleaning and disinfection

    -Contact tracing in collaboration

      with local health department

% of persons testing positive for the two week period


Less than 50

Steady or decreasing

Implement all 5

Less than 5%


201 or more


Implement 0

11% or more



Steady or increasing

Implement 3-4


Elementary School

Middle and High School

Learning Labs

Instructional Delivery Model





In-person (if teachers rotate, students remain in cohorts) If this is not possible then Remote Learning


Remote/Learning Labs



*closes when % of persons testing positive for the two week period reaches 12% or higher






Date Staff Returns to Campus

January 11

K-2 Teachers and staff needed to support K-2 Learners as well as Learning Lab Teachers

January 19

Staff and teachers needed to support grades 3-5

January 25

Staff and Teachers needed to support 6-8 students

Date Students Return

January 19

K-2 Students

Learning Lab Students

January 25

3-5 students

February 1

6-8 students

Public Notice:

Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP)

Foster Care point of contact

KIPP KC does not accept unsolicited faxes.

2700 E. 18th Street

Kansas City, MO 64127

P: 816-241-3994

F: 816-241-3339